No Credit? No Problem!



Rent-To-Own Application

Why pay rent on something you never own?

  Have you thought about buying a new shed, but just don’t have the budget for it right now?

  Are you paying too much for a secure storage unit across town, but want a more permanent and convenient storage solution?

  Would you like to get all that extra stuff out of your garage once and for all?

Get the storage shed you need NOW with low monthly payments and NO CREDIT CHECK required!

Calculate Your Payments for Rent to Own Option

To calculate your monthly rental payment, simply divide the cash price of your shed by 21.6.

$3,000.00 devided by 21.6 = $138.89 (excluding sales tax) per month.

How It Works

  1. Choose what size and style of building you would like. You can pick from our inventory buildings, or we can custom make a building for you.
  2. Pay the first one months rent up front.                                                                     (Larger Down Payment for Lower Monthly Payments!)
  3. Make 36 equal monthly payments and you own the building outright!

       That’s it!

Rent to Own Advantages

  Our rent to own program won’t affect your credit score because it is not a financing program and there are no credit checks.

  You’ll own your shed after you make the required monthly payments, so you’ll save money over time if you’re currently using another secure storage facility that rents space indefinitely.

  Want to find out more?  Contact North Mountain Structures Today. We’ll be glad to help you get the shed you need, when you need it most!